Chinese Qigong Research website has the following objectives:

(1) To research the benefits of practicing the "soft" styles of Chinese Qigong to enhance the recovery of chronic diseases such as cancer, arthritis, heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, diabetes, etc., and the overall health that may prevent these chronic diseases.

(2) To help cancer patients searching for unorthodox cancer treatments after the patients have been treated with the orthodox surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, unsuccessfully and are labeled as "terminal" that cannot be saved by the orthodox cancer treatments.

Some Alternative Cancer Therapies

(3) To do as in (1) above, plus western and Chinese "nutritious" diet to enhance the recovery and prevention of modern chronic diseases.

Details of the above objectives will be discussed below.

(1) To research the benefits of practicing the "soft" styles of Chinese Qigong

This website will select "Zhineng Qigong" as the main style, others styles such as the popular and easy-to-learn "Ba Duan Jin" and some others will also be selected. The famous "Guolin Qigong" for curing cancer since 1970s will also be selected, but we don't have a competent instructor in LA to teach today as of December 2017, hope we can find one in the near future in Los Angeles area.

We hope to show and demonstrate to those who are interested to learn Chinese Qigong to enhance the recovery or prevention of chronic diseases free of charge. We further hope that after they learn, practice and experience the benefits, they can teach in their locality to benefit others. Interested readers may send an email to receive more details.

Following procedure is how this website will conduct the "learning process":

This website will direct the reader to websites that have video demo of "Zhineng Qigong" and other related videos to familiarize the reader with "Zhineng Qigong". The reader may also type "zhineng qigong" into the internet search engine of youtube or youku to find out himself/herself. The reader may learn the movements from the video, but there will be some movements that are not clear, the reader can then email to set up an appointment in Alhambra City to clear up.

This website also has "zhineng qigong" demo VCD to give away for free, that can be played on computer or DVD player, interested reader may email to request a copy.

Other selected "soft" styles can be learned with the same procedure. The appointments are free of charge to the reader.

Although this is not a convenient way for the reader to learn Chinese qigong, reader who has the determination to learn will accomplish this learning process. When thing is not easy to get we will treasure it more. Moreover, once this learning process is experienced the reader will find it easier to learn from video demos if there is no available teacher.

In general it is easier to learn "Zhineng Qigong" than "Guolin Qigong" because "Zhineng Qigong" does not need to know the principle of meridian and acupuncture where as "Guolin Qigong" needs to learn a little of such knowledge. Both styles have been reported to cure cancer.

(2) To help cancer patients searching for unorthodox cancer treatments

The orthodox cancer treatments of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy were very expensive for patients without medical insurance, and not always effective for those with insurance. This website will direct cancer patients, particularly the "terminal case" to the websites of some more creditable unorthodox cancer treatments with testimonials.

Orthodox cancer treatments definitely have values in curing cancer based on the 5-year survival criterion, but when it recurs with vengeance that leads to terminal stage, the orthodox oncologist has no more definite treatment to cure the patient, shouldn't the patient have the right to turn to unorthodox treatments in which most orthodox oncologists have no knowledge? Of course it is important to find the good unorthodox cancer treatments, and this is one of the objectives of this website.

I have collected in my home in Alhambra City many books and publications in the area of unorthodox cancer prevention and treatment, and will try to maintain a private library of information (books, magazines, and audio/video CD/DVD) for interested readers to use free of charge. Here are examples of some of the books. The DVD includes the entire 4-day DVDs of annual "Cancer Control Convention" from 2010 to 2017 organized by Cancer Control Society in Los Angeles during Labor Day weekend in September. The annual Cancer Control Convention started in 1972 and is considered as the largest and most creditable source of information on unorthodox cancer treatments in north America. Interested readers may email attn: stanley to set up appointments to use the library.

Some old publications are just as valuable as the latest information on the recovery of cancer, for examples information on the efficacy of Gerson Therapy in the 1950s may be as good today as it was more than six decades ago, else the present Gerson Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, cannot continue to exist to treat cancer patients today, because if a treatment is not effective it will just fade away.

I house the books and DVDs in the large living room of my home in a residential area of Alhambra City, I may not be allowed to invite the public to access my collections except via private appointments. I hope someday my collections can be housed in a place for public to access, particularly the so-labeled "terminal" cancer patients. If only one single terminal stage cancer patient can be saved by the information from my library, my work would have been done

If there is a public library interested in allocating a room or special space to house all of the materials in my private library, I will donate my entire library to give more patients the access to unorthodox cancer treatments. Alternatively, if there is any rich individual willing to do this charitable work of maintaining a library for the public to access the information on unorthodox cancer treatments, I will also donate my entire private library.

(3) To research the benefits of combining the "soft" style Chinese Qigong


real nutritious western/eastern diet


Curing Cancer with Chinese Qigong

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