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Please forgive me for not showing on Facebook before, I am showing now because I want to do 2 things. The first thing is set up a library free of charge to the public to give information on cancer prevention and creditable unorthodox cancer treatments for those so-called "terminal" cancer patients who are given up by their orthodox oncologists.
click here for more information about the library.

Recently I have found Ty Bollinger who launched a mission to help cancer patients find creditable and available unorthodox cancer treatments
click here for more information about Ty Bollinger.

With the estimate of one in three Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during their livetime befor the year 2020, I am quite sure the readers will find the information from Ty Bollinger very helpful.

With the fast progress in our recent technologies, cancer disease will be eliminated sooner than we think. Terminal cancer patients may try to co-exist with cancer cells as long as possible, some unorthodox treatments may even convert the malignancy into chronic disease, until a truly cancer elimination treatment is found.

Another objective on this website is to help the high-function autistic people to find a permanent job so that they can utilize their special abilities to benefit our society. This group of people is also called "Aspergers". I believe some of our geniuses of the past might be classified as "Aspergers" if they live today. I belive my son, Hans Cua, belongs to "Aspergers" group as the readers can read my message for Hans Cua on this website.

Asperger-Hans Cua
This webside is for group of Aspergers and their friends; Other Aspergers Will Be Added When Their Resume and Message Are Received; The Interactive Blog On Aspergers In Wordpress Website May Soon Be Available.


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Cancer & Chronic Diseases

This webside is currently updating and is for health-conscious group of people and patients with chronic illness

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Disclaimer: does not in any way give professional medical advice.  This is a support website for those who are interested in optimal health and longevity without chronic illnesses of the present modern society. Resources available at this website are for references only.  Thank you for visiting. 
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