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Adding Very High Dose Vitamin C to Eliminate Coronavirus


I am a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida and I have been interested in curing cancer unorthodox ways for the past 30 years. I have read many books and articles in unorthodox medicine and nutrition to show you that I am well informed in the area of unorthodox medicine in curing cancer, here were some of the books. In some of those books very high dosage of injectable vitamin C (as high as 70 grams) had been used to treat cancer patients. This at least showed that such treatment is possible beyond the classical toxicity limit. and we may use it to fight coronavirus with some creative imagination. Although very high dose injectable vitamin C is not practiced in most of the hospitals in United States, for those brave doctors in China who are in the front line of treating coronavirus patients, I hope you may consider adding this unorthodox high dose injectable vitamin C to your armament of fighting the deadly virus. You may contact Cancer Control Society and request for a list of physicians who may have experience in using high dose vitamin C.

我是佛罗里达大学的化学工程博士学位,在过去的30年中,我一直对以非正统方式治愈癌症感兴趣。我阅读了许多有关非正统医学和营养学的书籍和文章,以向您展示我在治疗癌症的非正统医学领域有足够知识。在其中一些书中,非常高剂量的可注射维生素C(高达70克)已用于治疗癌症患者,这至少表明这种治疗可能超出经典的毒性极限。我们可能会以一些创造性的想象力将其用于对抗冠状病毒。尽管在美国大多数医院中并未使用非常高剂量的可注射维生素C,但对于那些在治疗冠状病毒患者方面处于第一线的勇敢的中国医生,我希望您们可以考虑将这种非传统的高剂量可注射维生素C添加到您们与致命病毒的战斗装备。您们可以联系癌症控制协会(Cancer Control Society),并请求给您们可能具有使用大剂量维生素C经验的医生的名单

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