There must have been many hundreds of cancer treatments since cancer became a major disease after the second world war. There was a list of almost 100 alternative cancer treatments presented in the book "The Independent Consumer's Guide to Non-Toxic Treatment & Prevention" by Ralph W. Moss, 1992. There is another webiste Cancertutor website that lists over 200 treatments. What this website will present are those that have been time-tested with many testimonials from the surviving cancer patients and are still available today around the world. There were some treatments that showed efficacy in curing cancer but are not available today such as Krebiozen, Glyoxylide, Coley's toxins and Livingston's vaccines. See website for more of those earlier cancer treatments.

(1) Gerson therapy

  • Introduction to Gerson Therapy

    (2) Lorraine Day natural therapy


    (3) Protocel therapy

  • Introduction to Protocel Therapy

    (4) Hoxsey therapy

  • Introduction to Hoxsey Therapy

    (5) Essiac therapy

  • Introduction to Essiac Therapy

    (6) Antineoplastons therapy

  • Introduction to Antineoplastons Therapy

    (7) Enzyme therapy

  • Introduction to Enzyme Therapy

    (8) Laetrile therapy


    (9) Insulin Potentiation Therapy


    (10) Electromagnetic therapy (Rife technology)


    (12) Polymva therapy

  • To be updated

    (13) Skin cancer herbal therapy


    (14) Burton's Immuno Augmentative therapy in Bahamas

  • Good news for mesothelioma patients

    (15) Tianxian therapy

  • in China and Asia/

    (16) Bicarbonate Therapy in Italy


    (17) Issel Therapy in Germany


    (18) Introducing Dr. Chi's TCM Cancer therapy

  • To be updated

    (19) Introducing Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Therapy

  • LDN Therapy
  • 4th annual LDN conference in October of 2008 at USC Los Angeles

    More Therapies To Be Continued

    There are always two sides in a coin, you may be informed by your conventional oncologist that above alternative treatments are quackery, if you believe your conventional oncologist, so be it. But if you have independent mind and would like to know more about the unorthodox cancer treatments, you may read any one of the following books as a start, it may arouse your curiosity to read the others and then to more of the references in these books. You can easily buy these books online from

    (1) Ralph Moss, The Cancer Industry, 1989 (written by former assistant director of public relations of Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center exposing medicine politics)
    (2) Daniel Haley, Politics In Healing, 2000 (medicine politics written by a US Congressman)
    (3) Kenny Ausubel, When Healing Becomes a Crime, 2000 (suppression of Hoxsey therapy)
    (4) Christopher Bird, The Persecution And Trial Of Gaston Naessens, 1991 (suppression of 714X therapy in Canada)
    (5) Michael Culbert, Medical Armageddon Update 2000 (politics in medicine)
    (6) Barry Lynes, The Cancer Cure That Worked, 2000 (suppression of Rife therapy)
    (7) Richard Thomas, The Essiac Report, 1993 (politics in Essiac therapy in Canada)
    (8) Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, The Conquest Of Cancer, 1984 (suppression of unorthodox physician in immunotherapy)
    (9) S.J. Haught, Censured For Curing Cancer, 1991 (suppression of Gerson therapy)
    (10) Robert Netterberg, The Cancer Conspiracy, 1981 (investigation of the scandal in cancer research)
    (11) David James, A Last Stand: An American Tragedy, 2004 (Congressional hearing of Burton's Immuno Augmentative Therapy)
    (12) G. Edward Griffin, World Without Cancer: The Story Of Vitamin B17, 1997 (suppression of laetrile)

    See also some books from the website www/

    More Books To Be Continued