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    3 More Weapons with Testimonials to Fight Cancer:
    PolyMVA, Integrated TCM, and CDA-II

    Although my wife had only taken a week of PolyMVA before she passed away and didn't have the chance to receive its benefit, I am very glad to see there are now so many testimonials of using it to control the cancer. (http://www.polymvasurvivors.com/testimonials.html). (Use "Back" arrow to return here). I sincerely hope the list will continue to grow.

    Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine (Integrated TCM) is a marriage between the TCM and the conventional cancer treatments (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy). It combines the aggressive killing of cancer cells by the conventional radiation and chemotherapy and the quick recovery of the normal cells killed and the enhancement of the immune system suppressed by the conventional therapies. The combination has been proven very successfully in China, and I hope the western orthodox medical authority will pay attention to this combination treatment and integrate it into our health insurance system.

    I have invited 3 integrated TCM specialists, Dr. Wen-Xia Huang, Dr. Ming Zhang, and Miss Yehua Shen, a postgraduate research assistant of Dr. Huang, to come to Los Angeles for 2 weeks to share their integrated TCM experience with the local TCM herbalists and conventional oncologists at the end of August (Integrated TCM interview in Shanghai, March, 2003) (Use "Back" arrow to return here). They are also invited by the Cancer Control Society to participate in the 31st Annual Cancer Conference from August 30 to September 1, 2003.

    CDA-II (see below) is very similar to antineoplaston therapy initiated by Dr. Burzynski (www.burzynskipatientgroup.org/stories.html) (Use "Back" arrow to return here), who has also many testimonials. Unfortunately, Dr. Burzynski's treatment is not allowed in the United States except for a very few cases. CDA-II treatment will be available in China very soon, and cancer patients can go to China for the treatment, possibly before the end of the year 2003.

    Another treatment which the cancer patients should not forget is the vitamin C therapy. It should not be called a therapy. It is best used as a supplemental treatment to the cancer therapy that is being used, whether conventional or alternative. Every cancer patient should read the book "Cancer and Vitamin C" by Ewan Cameron and Linus Pauling, updated and expanded, 1993, Camino Books. There are many case histories of the use of vitamin C to treat cancer at the Vale of Leven Hospital in Scotland. Here are some anecdotal case histories of using vitamin C in cancer treatment from
    Cameron and Pauling (use "Back" arrow to return here)
    Hoffer and Pauling (use "Back" arrow to return here)

  • Update (June, 2003) on the Testimonials in PolyMVA (Use "Back" arrow to return here).

  • Update (June, 2003) on the Interview of Michael Culbert with Integrated TCM Cancer Treatment Specialist and Her Long-Term Survivors in Shanghai (Use "Back" arrow to return here).

  • Update (September, 2002) on the completed third clinical trial of CDA-II enrolling about 450 patients of liver, lung and breast cancer in 12 hospitals in China (Use "Back" arrow to return here).

  • Update (June, 2002) on the mid-term third clinical trial of CDA-II (Use "Back" arrow to return here). ____________________________________________________________________________

    On the left are the CDA-II inventor, Dr. Ming C. Liau (left), the 3rd clinical trial overall coordinator, Lady Dr. Wen-Xia Huang (middle), and the creator of this website, Stanley Cua (right), photo taken in Shanghai, August 27, 2002.

    Read History Of CDA-II for basic information (Use "Back" arrow to return here).

    Below are two long-term survivors who used CDA-II

    On the left is Mr. Yi-Qin Cheng, age 57 (left) with Dr. Ming C. Liau (right). Mr. Cheng was diagnosed primary liver cancer in 1994 and had surgery to remove the liver tumor. Two years later, cancer recurred with eight tumors in the liver, the largest had 2.4 cm diameter. Mr. Cheng chose CDA-II therapy because there were too many tumors for the surgery. He was given 15 days of infusion of CDA-II solution as one treatment. He had a total of 3 treatments with 7 days of rest between the treatments. All eight tumors disappeared after 3rd treatment. Mr. Cheng continued to take 25 capsules daily of oral CDA-II for the next 3 years to prevent the recurrence. The dosage was then reduced to 5 capsules daily afterwards. His dosage now is reduced to 5 capsules in 2 days, and he is now on his 6th year of survival after the CDA-II therapy. Viewers who wish to communicate with him for more information can contact me for his phone. He is now the manager of a construction company in Shanghai.

    On the left is Mr. Hui-Quan Xue, age 82 (left) with the doctor who treated him, Dr. Po-Shou Xu (right). Mr. Xue was diagnosed lung cancer in 1996. He was treated with 6 weeks of combined radiation therapy and CDA-II. The tumor size was reduced by 50% after the combined therapy. The tumor was stabilized in the next 6 months. He then requested further treatment with CDA-II for 6 weeks. The tumor was basically removed. He is now (2002) cancer-free for 6 years

  • 52 "Incurables" That Were Cured By Gerson Therapy (Use "Back" arrow to return here)
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  • Important Message For California Residents
    Check out the Access To Medical Treatment Act of 2001. Your medical insurance will depend on it, your life may also depend on it

    Health Freedom Bill

    Tim Bolen brought us great news September 24, 2002. For California Governor Gray Davis signed into law the most important Health Freedom bill in California history - California SB 577. The paragraph below contains PART of the language in the bill. For Californians, section (c), below makes health care "wide open." Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Nutritionists, etc., are now free to offer services, without harassment. To read the whole bill go to SB577 BILL

    (c) The Legislature intends, by enactment of this act, to allow access by California residents to complementary and alternative health care practitioners who are not providing services that require medical training and credentials. The Legislature further finds that these non-medical complementary and alternative services do not pose a known risk to the health and safety of California residents, and that restricting access to those services due to technical violations of the Medical Practice Act is not warranted.

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