Jean Carper has been a famous author and speaker sought after by healthcare followers, her book "Miracle Cure" was published in 1997. In each of the chapters in the book there was one or more nutrients or major items that helped to cure or even cured the disease. If after more than 20 years we find some or all of these miracle cures still practiced or improved by the unorthodox healthcare professionals, they must not be ignored. With so much information that can be searched online today it is not difficult to find out, we just need to type in the nutrients or major items into the search engine such as Goggle, we will be directed to more information of the present status.

Jean Carper

Amazing Heart Energizer - Coenzyme Q-10

The Prozac of Plants - St John's Wort (Hypericum)

Astonishing Memory Pill - Gingko

Zaps Cholesterol, Unclogs Arteries - "Profibe" Grapefruit Fiber

Nature's Mighty Aspirin - Feverfew

Wonder Drug for Osteoarthritis - Glucoamine

Unique Infection Fighter - Echinacea

God' Valium - Valerian

Little Liver Pills That Really Work - Milk Thistle

Mysterious Hay Fever Medicine - Bee Pollen

Nature's Antinausea Drug - Ginger

Exotic New Tranquilizer - Kava

The Antabuse of Plants - Kudzu

The Universal Miracle Cure - Fish Oil or Omega 3s

Prostate "Remedy of Choice" - Saw Palmento

Surprisin Gout Medicines - Celery and Cherry Juice

New Answer to Chronic Fatigue Puzzle - Licorice

Fantastic Blood Vessel Fixer - Grape Seed OPC and Pycnogenol

Potent Cancer Therapy - Diet and Supplements

The Great Undiscovered Pain Medicine - Peppermint Oil

Marvelous New Heart Drugs - Vitamins C and E