Start of Most Recent Health Science Inquiries

Applications of marijuana related plants to various medical fields are the most recent inquiries around the world, in which Canada was supposed to be the startup place.

The importance of mitochondria to diseases and the future of medicine is also a recent inquiry that may affect good health and longivity.

Red light and near infrared light in the wavelength ranges of 630-680 nm (for red light) and 800-880 nm (for near infrared light) are being studied as treatments to replace or enhance orthodox treatments for various diseases.

The influence to human health and longivity of very low pulsed electromagnetic frequencies in the range of 0 to 30 Hz is being studied, particularly at 7.83 Hz.

The mitochondria, the red and near infrared light, and the pulsed electromagnetic field have propositions and theories based on quantum mechanics. We shall not discuss the theories here, we shall discuss the uses and applications to our daily lives such as pain relief, healing of modern chronic diseases, health enhancement, and longivity. Below are books where the readers may be interested to read in a little more details.

There are 2 areas where this website would like to concentrate, one is the area of applications of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) to healing of modern chronic diseases, and the other is the applications of Chinese Qigong to healing of modern chronic diseases including cancer.

The proposition of applying PEMF to clear the capillary blood vessels from blockage and enhance the passage of beneficial thing in the blood such as white blood cell or mitochrondria is parallel to the concept of "disease originates from the blockage in the blood" in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We may find some correlations between PEMF and meridian concept of TCM.

Some soft styles Chinese Qigong may be considered a type of physical exercises that are more suitable to the healing of modern chronic diseases including cancer. However, there are many variables, such as the style and the length of time to practice, that need to try and find out individually before the qigong becomes effective for the healing.

End of Most Recent Health Science Inquiries