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Special Note from Stanley Cua

I am convinced that Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine (ITCM) is better than the conventional surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, because ITCM encompasses the conventional therapies. It supplements the conventional therapies with the time-tested Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) before, during, and after the conventional therapies. It is not in the clinically experimental stage because it has been practiced in China for decades. It is not well publicized in the western world because China has been opened to western world only recently since the end of world war II. In many cases pure TCM without the conventional surgery, radiation and chemotherapy is able to control the cancer. The cost of pure TCM is much much less expensive than the conventional treatments, which can benefit the family as well as the patient.

I will invite the doctors who practice TCM or ITCM to submit their successful case histories of cancer patients that can be verified. I will post their experience and the verified successful case histories on this web site for the patients to judge for themselves. I will do one step further by helping the patients to find the best logistics for their stay in China. I have talked to doctors in Shanghai about the cost, for pure TCM treatment, the average treatment duration is between one to three months, and the average cost for the TCM portion is about $1,500 a month for an outpatient (i.e., not hospitalized), including doctor's fee, herbs, board and lodging. I believe this can be used as a guide in other areas.

I have met Dr. Wen-Xia Huang, who is the key person in charge of the TCM department in Shanghai Tumor Hospital (a subsidiary of Fu Dan University in Shanghai). Dr. Huang's Interview in Shanghai. She has been practicing ITCM for decades. One of her publications in 1990 was a clinical analysis of 28 patients with primary liver cancer who had been treated with ITCM and were still alive after 10 years. Dr. Huang was also the physician and chief coordinator of a very large-scale clinical trial of integrated CDA-II with conventional therapies in China that concluded last year CDA-II Clinical Trial Update. CDA-II means Cell Differentiation Agent II. It is similar to the antineoplastons championed by Dr. Burzynski in Houston, Texas. I have full confidence in the expertise of Dr. Huang in using ITCM for cancer patients. I have asked her to compile her successful case histories to be posted here in the near future. I will assist cancer patients who wish to go to Shanghai to consult Dr. Huang.

I plan to search for experienced doctors in Beijing (northern China) and Xiamen (southern China) in the future for patients who prefer to be treated in those areas. I also plan to find out if the expenses of the treatment of conventional therapies in Chinese prestigious hospitals (accredited by the western insurance companies) can be reimbursed from the US medical insurance. It will certainly unload the financial burden of the patient if only the TCM part of the ITCM treatment needs to be paid, and the surgery, radiation or chemotherapy can be reimbursed.

My personal suggestion to those virgin patients (newly diagnosed cancer patient without any treatment yet) if they are interested in ITCM is to join a pleasure tour to Shanghai (call America Asia Travel Center in Los Angeles Tel 626-571-2988 or other travel agencies), stay a few more days in Shanghai to consult Dr. Huang to find out if pure TCM is enough to treat the cancer. If TCM alone is enough, the patient can either continue to stay in Shanghai, or to come back later for the treatment. If conventional therapy such as surgery is required, the patient can return to US for the conventional treatment, and then consult Dr. Huang for the supplementation of TCM after the conventional treatment. Dr. Huang believes that supplementing TCM after the conventional therapy to prevent the recurrence is the best value of ITCM.

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