Start of To My Friends On Facebook

To My Friends On Facebook

Please forgive me for not showing on Facebook before, I am showing now because I want to do 2 things.

The first thing is set up a library free of charge to the public to give information on cancer prevention and creditable unorthodox cancer treatments for those so-called "terminal" cancer patients who are given up by their orthodox oncologists.

click here for more information about the library.

Recently I have found Ty Bollinger who launched a mission to help cancer patients find creditable and available unorthodox cancer treatments

click here for more information about Ty Bollinger.

With the estimate of one in three Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during their livetime befor the year 2020, I am quite sure the readers will find the information from Ty Bollinger very helpful.

The second thing is to report two styles of qigong in China that were used to heal cancer in 1970s, the first was Guolin qigong and the second was Zhineng qigong, the report was in the other part of this webside

End of To My Friends On Facebook