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  • In Memory of Josefina O. Cua
    By Woon Lim, Supervising Appraiser, Los Angeles County Assessor Office

    "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now, a crown is waiting for me." These words could have been from Josefina Cua, an Appraiser in Region 5, who succumbed to her battle with cancer on February 28, 2001.

    Josefina was born on December 22, 1950 in Manila, Philippines. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. While a student in college, she also taught school part time. In 1972 she married Stanley Cua, a chemical engineer in Region 30. They came to the United States in 1985. Stan credits Josefina for creating and maintaining a loving, nurturing home for their three children.

    Josefina joined Los Angeles County in 1990 as a clerk in the Pasadena office. In 1997 she was accepted into Appraiser Training Class 56. To those of us who were fortunate enough to have worked closely with Josefina, she was more than a colleague, she was a dear and beloved friend. She was kind, generous, and extremely considerate. She would go out of her way to help others and never expect anything in return. Even during her illness, she still made time for her family, friends, and coworkers. She never complained about her troubles, but was always an encouragement to those she came into contact with, including those she met while undergoing her cancer treatment.

    She was the best coworker anyone could have asked for. She was conscientious, cooperative and willing to carry more than her fair share of the workload. She was a constant inspiration to us all. All of us who knew her will miss her very much, but her loving and caring acts will linger fondly in our memories.

    Reprinted from The Valuator, Vol 4, No 3, March, 2001, published by Los Angeles County Office of The Assessor.

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    Message from Stanley Cua (updated 11/30/03)

    I am hosting this website in memory of my loving wife Josefina O. Cua who passed away on February 28, 2001, after 6 years of fight against leukemia and almost 3 years against metastasized colon cancer. Josefina had worked for Los Angeles County for almost 10 years. She was loved by her friends and everyone who had personal contact with her because of her enthusiasm in helping others. I would like to continue her legacy of loving and helping people through the wonderful world of Internet.

    Cancer disease not only affects the patient, but also the family. It can cripple the patient both physically and mentally. It can bankrupt the family. For those patients without the health insurance, sons and daughters can go into huge debt to save their parent; spouse can exhaust the savings for the children's education to save the lifetime companion; parents can get into financial trouble to save the child. For those patients who have health insurance but have exhausted the conventional treatments without success, they can also experience the same agony.

    This web site will search for the most effective cancer treatments as well as the most economical ones. Since the conventional cancer treatments have the backing of the government and the unlimited financial resources from the medical authority and pharmaceutical industry, this web site will emphasize on the alternative cancer treatments. This is not to belittle the conventional treatments, but to extend them to include the alternative treatments which have been neglected or expelled by the medical authority for whatever reasons.

    An example of this is the extension of the Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment to prevent the recurrence after the conventional treatments. If I had known this possibility five years ago, my wife might still be alive today.

    In general, alternative treatments are less expensive than the conventional treatments. But the conventional treatments are covered by the health insurance whereas alternative treatments are not. Herbal treatments are generally much less expensive than all other alternative treatments. For example, Hoxsey herbal treatment in Bio Medical Clinic in Tijuana requires less than US$5,000 for lifetime supply of Hoxsey herbal tonic. The total expense for a 3-month TCM herbal treatment in Shanghai, China, is between US$3,000 to US$5,000. In Tijuana, Mexico, a 21-day conventional nutritional treatment including laetrile costs about US$4,000 a week. Which one of the alternative treatments is more effective? There is no statistics and no one knows. We only know that each one of these alternative treatments is effective for some patients, but not for some others. If we don't know which one is more effective, why don't we try the least expensive one?

    This brings me to the original intent of this web site -- to search for the long-term survivors, and find out what did they do to win the battle against cancer. I was hoping to collect as many testimonials of those long-term survivors so that present cancer patients can contact them, if possible, for more information. Long-term cancer survivors in North America are generally very understanding and accommodating, they don't mind giving their contact information, especially those who were given up by the conventional treatments, but were saved by the alternative treatments. The largest list of the survivors can be found in Cancer Control Society web site. There are other web sites that have the testimonials, this web site will link to these other testimonial web sites as much as possible. This web site will also include testimonials from books and publications. It is hoped that present cancer patients may be able to find cases similar to theirs in some of these testimonials so that they may have some direction as to which alternative treatment will benefit them.

    I plan to ask cancer clinics or hospitals that include alternative treatments to give a brief description of what they do, and clinical case histories of their successful treatments. The information will be posted on this web site.

    I also plan to include as much as possible information on the alternative treatments for cancer. If no one can come up with a definite cure for cancer, then any alternative treatment should be respected.

    This website will collect and present the stories of long-term cancer survivors who have won the battle against cancer so that a new cancer patient can learn from their experiences in the search for the best treatment.

    This website will try to build a database of the long-term cancer survivors with a concise and uniform format that the new patients can use to compare their cases with those of long-term survivors. It gives new cancer patients the comfort of knowing so many long-term survivors of similar cases, and the strength and confidence to continue the fight.

    In the past 2 decades China has been using "Integrated TCM" therapy, which is a combination of conventional surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In this Integrated TCM therapy, Chinese herbs were used before, during and after the conventional treatment. Acupuncture was also used if necessary. Experience revealed that adding Chinese herbs before and during the conventional treatment could reduce the side effects and potentiate the conventional treatment. Furthermore, using Chinese herbs after the conventional treatment could reduce the recurrence of the cancer. In some instances, purely Traditional Chinese Medicine without conventional treatment were able to control the cancer.

    This website will disseminate the experience of Chinese oncologists in the use of pure TCM and Integrated TCM in the past several decades.

    This website will also search for the long-term survivors who had been treated with pure TCM or Integrated TCM and add them into the database.

    This is a long-range project. It may take years to have a good database that can help cancer patients to make the best choice of their treatment.

    I wish to invite the long-term cancer survivors to participate in this website by sending their stories. I would also like very much to link up with other websites that are doing the same thing.

    There must be many long-term cancer survivors who used Essiac and Hoxsey herbs in North America. I hope they or anyone who knows them can send me an email to have their experience known. It would be very productive if we can study the experience of these western herbal treatments with that of Traditional Chinese herbal treatment, and find a common ground.

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    December 22 was my wife's birthday, and December 17 would have been our 31st wedding anniversay. If you , the reader, happens to read this line, please wish me luck to meet her in my dream. I miss her so much.

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