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I also selected some unorthodox cancer treatments available today.

The most complete list of unorthodox cancer treatments that I have read is that from Cancer Tutor Website.

However, it has more than 200 natural unorthodox ways of treating cancer, a "terminal" patient do not have the time to find out the effective one. It does encourage individual cancer patient to join and to create an account to deal with patient's specific problems.

Ty Bollinger (see below) has launched a mission to select some creditable unorthodox cancer treatments from Cancer Tutor Website. There may be more like Bollinger to launch personal missions. I believe not too long in the future, cancer patients will be able to know which cancer treatments are best for them. People without cancer will have the knowledge of cancer prevention. On my, I have researched 2 Qigong styles to combat cancer (Guolin style and Zhineng style) that had started in the later years of 1970s, and are now introduced to the entire globe. I hope these Chinese Qigong research can supplement Cancer Tutor Website on the list of cancer prevention and cancer treatments.

Allow me to introduce the book by Ty Bollinger, "Cancer: Step Outside The Box". The readers may go directly to the chapter "NonToxic Treatments" to find out details of these treatments. The book is available on Amazon.

This book has many editions since it was printed in 2006. It is a book any cancer patient should read. To give you an idea why this book was written, below is a part of its Introduction.

My name is Ty Bollinger. One hundred years ago, it was estimated that only one out of eighty Americans was diagnosed with cancer. Today, approximately one in three Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. It is estimated that by the year 2020, one in two Americans will have the same diagnosis. Cancer fatalities account for approximately twelve percent of all deaths worldwide each year. Across the globe, over ten million people are diagnosed with cancer annually and almost seven million die from cancer. According to the World Health Organization, global cancer rates could increase by fifty percent in the next fifteen years. The USA ranks in the top three countries with the highest cancer rate in both men and women. Sounds like a "cancer epidemic," doesn't it?

Most families have been touched by cancer. My familiy is no exception.

  • In July 1996, my dad, Graham Bollinger, died of cancer.
  • In November 1996, my granddad, Conal Bollinger, died of cancer.
  • In May 1997, my cousin, Glenn Mycoy, died of cancer.
  • In July 1997, my uncle, Joel Bollinger, died of cancer.
  • In February 1999, my grandmom, Helen Cade, died of cancer.
  • in August 1999, my granddad, D.E. Macoy,died of cancer.
  • In February 2004, my mom, Jerry Bollinger Taylor, died of cancer.

    As you can easily see, my family has been devastated by cancer.

    The first section of this book is in honor of my mom and dad, as I attempt to tell the stories of their last days, their seperate battles with cancer, and the way that they both inspired and touched all of the people who visited them. During the weeks just before my dad died in 1996, I began my "cancer journey." What I have learned on my journey has truly amazed me. Not only have I learned about the incredible effectiveness of many alternative cancer treatments and the remarkable recoveries of literally thousands of supposedly terminal cancer patients, but I have also learned about the medical industry's suppression of these treatments and persecution of the courageous and innovative medical mavericks that have stepped 'outside the box" and developed these treatments. I have learned about the politics cancer and the greed of the pharmaceutical companies. I have learned about the war between proponents of conventional and alternative cancer treatments. I am saddened that both dad and mom would probably be alive today if knowledge of these alternative cancer treatments had been made available to the public.

    Bollinger not only confirmed my selections, he went further to update and gave the direction to those who need these vital information. We now not only have sufficient information to compare orthodox and unorthodox cancer treatments, but also have the directions to find the more creditable and available unorthodox treatments. We can now have the confidence to say to a "terminal" cancer patient "If your immune system is not yet damaged completely by heavy radiation and chemotherapy, you may still have a chance to be saved by unorthodox cancer treatments."

    A better way for cancer patients to find a creditable unorthodox treatment is to compare the various hospitals and clinics recommended in Bollinger's book "Cancer: Step Outside The Box" (1) their documented types of cancer treated (2) their documented years of survival after being admitted to that hospital/clinic. Without getting into details these two sets of information should be available in each of the hospital/clinic and should give patients an idea of the efficacy of the unorthodox treatment.

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