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Here are some of the books and publications in my private library

After my former wife, Josefina Cua, became a cancer victim in 2001, I promised myself to help cancer patients find the best way to fight cancer when the orthodox cancer treatments do not work. I set up a website called to try to connect cancer patients to some former cancer patients given up by the orthodox cancer treatments but saved by some unorthodox treatments. I started to buy books in unorthodox treatments of cancer and other chronic diseases not cured by the orthodox methods. Today I have accummulated a library of many shelves of books in English and Chinese language, I plan to open this library to the public free of charge.

One of the most valuable collections not available in Los Angeles area public libraries are the DVD official recordings of various years of annual Cancer Control Conventions in the Labor-Day weekends sponsored by the Cancer Control Conventions in Los Angeles since 1973. The annual Cancer Control Conventions had 4 days of lectures and presentations by medical doctors and professional health scientists, they were recorded on VCR or DVD by the Cancer Control Society. The conventions have been considered as one of the most creditable sources of information on unorthodox cancer treatments.

I also selected some alternative cancer therapies since the year 2001, I would like to revisit clinics that are still practicing those therapies. I believe that if any or some of those alternative therapies are still being practiced and available today, they must have good reasons after so many years, or else they would have faded and vanished long time ago.

some unorthodox cancer treatments to be revisited since the year 2001

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